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Copper Sulphate Production Plant from Waste Copper


This process relates  to the oxidation of metallic copper immersed in a dilute solution of sulphuric acid, the reaction taking place in a low pressure reactor (Leaching Reactor / Pos1 ) into which is introduced heated oxygen and distillated water, preferably in a finely divided condition, thereby converting the metallic copper to copper sulphate in solution. This process will rapidly convert any kind of metallic copper such as copper sheets, strips or wire etc. into copper sulphate to any desired degree of solutions.

Leaching reactor (Pos 1) suitable for the operation of the process is shown in the accompanying drawing (flow sheet). This low pressure reactor is so constructed as to resist corrosion and to withstand whatever pressure is to be used in the operation or  the process. For this purpose, Reactor formed from PP, suitably supported, mounted and reinforced to withstand the required pressure.  Reactor is built as a steel construction lined with (Epoxy) resistant material.

Oxidizing Reactor  is provided with a manhole or removable cover  at its top to permit charging the vessel with metallic copper, and with an outlet or discharge pipe  provided with valve  for discharging the contents after oxidation is complete. Means are provided for supplying heated gas oxygen.  The gas oxygen supplied is regulated and controlled by a valve and regulator.

A perforated PP nozzle plate suitably supported and positioned at the bottom of the reactor, through this nozzle plate the current of heated gas oxygen  pass in a finely divided state to circulate through the solution part of which escapes through SO2 Recovery Unit ( Pos 2)  at the top of the reactor.

The process may be carried out in the described apparatus as follows:

Reactor is charged with metallic copper and a suitable amount of dilute sulphuric acid and distilled water. By the way un-crystallized solution and water-recovered SO2 gas from recovery unit (Pos.2)  as H2SO3  are turned back to the reactor for further concentration.

The needed gas oxygen for the process is produced by an PSA oxygen generating system (Pos 8) from Compressed Air. (Pos 7) The produced oxygen is heated by waste heat recovery unit of air compressor and/or  oil/water heater. (pos 10)  if necessary during the cold weather conditions.

The heated gas oxygen flow and pressure is controlled and regulated by a regulator and valve to control the requested reaction temperature. The gas oxygen is also used in the process to speed up oxidation of copper.

 A rotating mixer located at the top of leaching reactor  is mixing the solution till reaching the desired solution density. Meanwhile there is a constant monitoring system to measure Ph level and solution temperature.

When desired solution density is obtained, solution is transferred to crystallization tank    (Pos 3)   by way of vacuum pressure (Pos 12)  and wait for the cooling and crystallization of the CuSO4  At the end of the crystallization period, while crystallized particles are transferred to the drying unit (Pos 5) , un-crystallized solution turn back to the waste solution recovery tank (Pos 4)

Crystallized particles are collected in a storage tank (Pos 14) after passing through drying unit and send to the packing line either through anti-caking agent adding  unit or directly to the packing system depending on the requirement.


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