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Flame Cutting


Flame Cutting

Flame cutting (oxy fuel cutting or oxy acetylene cutting), as it’s name, with oxy fuel gas burning through a cutting torch, makes a flame and with the flame heat to cut steels.
It is an oldest way in hot steel cutting activities. The cutting torch is designed to provide Oxygen fuel gas for to burn the iron oxide, in this way to guarantee the stable of the temperature and get better cutting performances.

Flame cutting types mainly divided in torch cutting and CNC flame cutting (machine flame cutting table).

- Flame torch cutting
Flame torch also called fire gun. With different gas, the torch has different structural. Most used is Oxygen-Acetylene gas torch, acetylene pressure at 0.01 to 0.12 Mpa, Oxygen pressure 0.50 to 1.0 Mpa. Two different gas burned in it’s own channel and mixed together in oxy fuel cutting torch, the flame could be adjusted manually. This type of oxygen cutting mainly used to re-cutting to remove the defects from the steel billet cutting or steel straightening.

- CNC flame cutting for steels
CNC flame cutting is processed by CNC cutting machine, that is to use CNC technology to drive the flame cutting table and cutting torch, to cut steel plate, steel sheet and other metal materials. CNC flame cutting equipment integrated the machine, table, electricity, and flame torch. So it includes three big part: CNC control systems, flame cutting systems, and drive systems.

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