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Gold Leaching


Gold Leaching

Dissolved oxygen is very important to the gold leaching process.
Since mining sites are generally in remote areas, an oxygen system is the perfect cost-effective solution as it creates its own oxygen on-demand. No supply or cylinders are needed.

An on-site oxygen plant is the best way to introduce oxygen into gold slurry leaching and cyanide decontamination systems. The use of oxygen compounds instead of air as an oxidant increases the leach rate and decreases cyanide consumption. This increase in the dissolved oxygen level of gold bearing slurry enhances the gold cyanidation process, thereby increasing gold recovery rates.

Cyanide is the second-highest operating cost behind electric power for the ore crushers. Adding oxygen to the slurry tanks can significantly reduce a mine’s cyanide consumption greatly reducing their operating costs.

Mentis has oxygen plant installations in Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgizistan at gold mines.

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